Vic Frasier/Kamen Rider Wrath

Vic Frasier
Vic Fraser, now Kamen Rider Wrath has been drained of his mental functions and is now possessed by General Xaviax to help him better equip himnself to defeat Len, Kit and the Team Hero Kamen Rider team. Vic Fraser is now a deadly mercenary and is more vicious and violent than Strike, Danny and Albert combined. In his first battle against Wing Knight and Siren with the aid of Strike he nearly totalled them and wrecked Grace’s Bookstore in the process.

As a shrewd battle move Wrath can teleport from one position to another with the ability to go undetected while doing so. The original Wrath was a mentor to Len, just as he is to Kit. He taught Len everything he knows.

There may be a way to save his mind and body if Xaviax is destroyed and would also mean all the vented riders from Earth and Ventara may be saved as well. Wrtah is a ruthless mercenary empty and void of all human emotion or thought. After ending up in a double vent with Kit Wrath got vented and his powers and Vic got sent to the void. Vic has been restored and is now back to his life before Xaviax drained him of his life energy.