Unexplained Events

Stuff To Ponder

  • Where is Len's counterpart on Earth?
  • What is Len's last name? Will he marry Kase?
  • What's up with JTC's voice? He sounds like one of the chipmunks.
  • Does Strike think he is going to get Malibu if Xaviax gets Earth? Hell no! He is gonna dump him like yesterday's newspaper. Maybe Xaviax promised him a less annoying voice
  •  What are the last names of Len, Kase and other Ventaran riders?
  • Did you notice that in the KR finale the Ventaran counterparts to the Earth riders had more hair, I mean a fuller head of hair than the Earth riders?
  • If there are more worlds behind the mirrors as Eubulon said that would mean Kit has more twins and so does Len and Kase and Maya and everyone. Cool!
  • If Kit and Adam are mirror twins, how come Adam is about 60 years older than Kit. I know he went into suspended animation and all but he still was born decades before and so were the Ventaran riders to their counterparts. And Len too, why hasn't he aged out of suspended animation, why doesn't he look and feel old, Kase and Adam too?

My Quotes - A Healthy Way To Start Your Day - Who Needs Cheerios?

With guys like these, who needs cops?

Guess it's back to the Dynamic Duo since the three amigos (Kit, Len and Chris) are over. (Namely Kit and Len)

Anyone seen the special of the day, cause I just saw Wing Knight hand the Cho brothers their asses on a plate.

Ever notice that although Kit Taylor was the title character and hero of the story there were no love interests? Len had Kase, Maya had Pryce, Adam had Sarah and even maybe Trent had Lacey in the end. All Kit got in the end was his dad and that's cool. I not judging. But the hero always gets the girl.

Kit Taylor Returns as Kamen Rider Onyx

At first myself and others thought Adam would be the Kamen Rider Onyx but it looks as if I was wrong. Kit will return from the Advent Vouid and assume the power of Kamen Rider Onyx. That would mean there were initially 12 riders if you exclude Eubulon but in the end there will be thirteen with the inclusion of Onyx. I can't wait to see what impact Kit will have on the show as Onyx and reminds me a lot of Tommy from Power Rangers coming back after losing his Green Ranger powers and being the White Ranger.

Axe and Spear huh? Those guys couldn't beat William Hung on American Idol! Losers.

Ahh, the ties that bind!

Wing Nut and Dragon Boy? Who taught you English, Mr. Chipmunk, your Math teacher? Try pronouncing it slowly. Don't hurt yourself trying to think!

Demise of Kamen Rider Sting

Chris demise was expected but he was weak and bringing the team down. I really hope he somehow in the end returns, along with Brad Barrett and Grant Staley. Can't say the same for Torque but Chris was a good guy and he wanted nothing more than to please his dad and protect his country and planet but his asthma got in the way and so did Xaviax. Talk about scum. Taking advantage of an honest marine. And his dad was no better. He was so hard and fast about the whole marines thing he didn't see what a great son he had.

The Cho-ke Brothers

I thought these guys had more skills as fighters but they are, just as Len said, amateurs. Len kicked their butts and it was two on one. Pathetic. I mean he really took it to them and smart move by taking away their Advent Decks when they were trying to transform. That really did the trick. You don't see that happening often in other superhero typed shows, especially Power Rangers. Really smart!